Explore Bikini

PHOTO CREDIT: Jesper Kjøller. 2018

Surrounded by beautiful open seas and a story that invokes deep introspection, Bikini Atoll is a paradoxical paradise. Nowhere else on earth can you see such exquisite natural beauty mixed with chilling artifacts of a violent past.

Since 1996, limited guided tours have returned to Bikini Atoll, offering a rich selection of diving and fishing excursions. With the astounding remains of an entire sunken fleet—including the world’s only diveable aircraft carrier (the U.S.S. Saratoga)—Bikini Atoll is a treasure trove disclosing a history of sacrifice. As a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, Bikini Atoll grants true explorers an opportunity to witness the stark contrast of natural beauty and human destruction. 

The people of Bikini welcome you to explore its lush waters and tropical land. Dive lagoons that have been undisturbed for decades and discover the history of nuclear testing alongside unprecedented interaction with thriving marine life. Nowhere on earth will you find such a spectacular diving location.


Come experience this sunken trove first-hand. From a captivating history to the unexplored land, the unforgettable Bikini Atoll should be on every diver’s and eco-tourist's bucket-list.

Indies Trader


The Local Council has an exclusive arrangement with tour operator, Indies Trader, to provide informative, safe and stewardly excursions to explore Bikini Atoll from May through October. With a maximum of 10 divers per trip and only a handful of trips each year, less than 80 divers embark on the expedition every year. Indulge your curiosity and dive Bikini Atoll.